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Ruben Lenten in Cape Town


Ruben Lenten was in Cape Town on his continued effort to recover from his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ruben is feeling strong and slowly building up his strength and fitness so he can get back on the water and continue to push the limits of kiteboarding.

Ruben has been training with┬áprofessionals from various fields to get him back on the water and up to his old tricks. Previously he has been concentrating on riding the waves of South Africa with a strapped surfboard, but the other day he felt like he would like to have a go at what he is most famous for – High Flying Kiteloops.

Ruben popped into the shop to pick up on of our 2016 Cabrinha FX kites as the wave kites he brought with him were not suitable for the task.

Check out some of his pics from his evening out on the water.

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

To see more of Ruben’s pictures and adventures follow him on Facebook or Instagram

We hope you continue to grow stronger and stronger everyday and you are always welcome to pop into the shop for a chat or to borrow a kite.

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