Surf Lessons Cape Town

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Learn How To Surf In Cape Town

Learn to surf with Table mountain as a backdrop in beautiful Big Bay, Cape Town. Professional instructors, great equipment, safe conditions.

1 Hour Group Surf Lessons in Cape Town R390

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Rent A Surfboard In Cape Town

Already know how to surf? Rent a surfboard and ride some waves in Big Bay’s epic conditions.

1 Hour Surfboard Rental R145

2 Hour Surfboard Rental R195

4 Hour Surfboard Rental R295

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Rent A Bodyboard In Cape Town

Looking to have some fun n the waves. Go bodyboarding in Big Bay. Perfect for kids.

1 Hour Surfboard Rental R95

2 Hour Surfboard Rental R120

4 Hour Surfboard Rental R145

About Our Surf Lessons

Surfing is the perfect way to get into the ocean, fun, safe and great for the entire family or as a team building event. Surfing has been around for years and is still growing due to popular demand.

We have been offering surfing lessons for a few years now. It’s a sport that will reward you whenever you put time into it. All you need is one or two lessons and then you can progress on your own. Once you start this sport you will never look back!

1 hour surfing lesson R390 (includes all equipment and instructor)

Cape Town Surfboard Rentals

We rent a wide variety of the latest windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUPing, bodyboarding and other water sports equipment.

Body Board Rentals and Sales

We also offer body board rentals and body board sales in and around Big Bay, Cape Town. Bodyboarding in Cape Town is just as big as surfing, often loved by the young and old, both the athletic and the less so. Bodyboarding is the easiest way to get into the waves are start having fun immediately, there is very little knowledge required in order to ride your first wave and start enjoying the ocean.

However Bodyboarding can be an extreme sport when practiced in larger waves. We sell body boards that range from beginner to professional depending on the waves you are hoping to ride.