I had a terrible kite session this week. Why? Because it was really short. The conditions were epic, clean South Easterly in the middle of winter and the swell was big. I dropped my kite in front of a monster wave and it tore slightly at the bottom of the one panel. I didn’t want to damage it anymore and I didn’t have any more kites in my car. That was it; my session was over after only 5 minutes.

To top it all off I had to watch my friends have the time of their lives while I sat moody on the beach.

I was so irritated with myself, because I had noticed the small tear in the kite about two weeks ago, but I just hadn’t had time to get it fixed yet, and then the wind came up.

Don’t let it happen to you. Make sure your kites are ready to go when the wind arrives.

Make Sure You Are Safe!

Whether your kite has a slight tear in the fabric, bladders have a leak, or your bridles and lines are looking old, get it fixed before it gets worse. More importantly get it fixed before you hurt yourself. If your kite fails in strong conditions it can be really dangerous. Make sure you are safe out on the water and repair your kite before there is an accident.

Bring your kite into Cabrinha and we will have it fixed and ready to go in no time.

We can repair any part of your kite.

Tears to the fabric – Pro-repair or Econo-repair  – you choose.

Componenets – We can replace them all including bridle attachment points, mini-batten pockets, bladder installation or retention features, scuff protection pads, and more.

Bladders – There is nothing worse than a leaky bladder. Half way through your kite session your kite starts to act funny and stops turning as fast. Suddenly your jumps seem placid and your turns slow. We can fix small leaks all the way up to blowouts.

Bridles and Lines – healthy bridles and lines are essential to your safety when kiting. Worn out trim or leader line can cause your kite to go into a diabolical spin if they break.

Old pulleys can also put you in danger. Look into getting new ones or even upgrading to the new solid stainless sliders.

Need a Repair?

Send us an email with some images of the damage or give us a call and we will reply within 24 hours with a ballpark estimate and turnaround time. If the damage is obvious in the pictures, the repair cost will be within the ballpark estimate. Once we inspect the kite, lines, or bar, we will provide you with a firmrepair cost for your approval before starting the repair work.

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