Hey my name is Luca Guerrini and this is my first blog entry for Cabrinha South Africa!

During Cape Town’s cold winter you don’t get the usual Cape Doctor pulling through, but there are those few days in winter where there is a nice little South Easter that pulls through and you can see that when the clouds start forming a tablecloth over Table Mountain.

It was about a 15-knot wind so I took out my 9m Chaos 2015 (the best kite for freestyle I would say). The board I used was a wood core X-Caliber 2014 which is also a super nice freestyle board with loads of pop and great upwind ability. The waves were about 3 ft. and it was about 15 degrees Celsius outside. I pulled off some super nice unhooked railey’s, unhooked bankrolls and S-bends. I nearly pulled off a railey to blind. I am now in Australia for a bit and there are some nice winds coming through so I am hoping to get in some sick sessions and represent CABRINHA!

Stay tuned for more updates, the content will get better and better and I’ll also add some pictures of the equipment that I’m using!


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