At Cabrinha, we have done a very good job over the years providing a kite for every category of kitesurfing: The Drifter was designed to destroy the waves; the Chaos for advanced freestyle and wakestyle; the FX for performance freestyle and wakestyle; the Contra for light winds; the Switchblade for all-purpose surfing; and so forth. The one area where we felt our kites were lacking was performance freeride. While some of our kites, like the FX and the Crossbow, cater for some aspects of freeriding, they lack efficiency, which is why we are launching the all-new Apollo for the 2017 season.

The Apollo incorporates all the positive aspects from the Crossbow and the Velocity to produce a super-fast kite that launches well, jams upwind, produces high jumps, and is extremely easy to fly. Thanks to its awesome upwind performance, high speeds, and fast acceleration, it’s the perfect kite for speed-kiting and foil boarding where choppy waves will make you feel like you’re on a slow board to China.

The five-strut design with Pro Span technology, high aspect ratio, and three bridle setting options will harness every bit of power from the atmosphere and deliver it directly to your hands. Thanks to the inflated leading edge that causes the laminar flow of air across the Pure Profile panels, the Apollo remains stable and performs really well in low winds, but it’s in high and shifty winds where it really sets itself apart from other kites. It will cut through turbulence like a hot knife through butter and still keep its original shape.

Apart from its admirable upwind ability, the Apollo also boasts excellent low-end power and hang time. Its superior lift is thanks to its Pro Span technology, which focuses more of the lifting area on the power-producing section of the wing. This high aspect ratio and stronger lift especially aid in tacking and jibing manoeuvres, and of course big air jumps.

Don’t let the wide, flat, and high aspect fool you; the Apollo is extremely manoeuvrable, with a massive wind range. It won’t sink and won’t lose its shape in low winds, and it’s child’s play to relaunch. The 1X security system also allows one to immediately shut down the power of the kite on land or in water, in any wind condition, with only one string. Like most Cabrinha kites, the Apollo also comes with power control settings for exponential power delivery. The Apollo is any hooked-in rider’s dream and will stay in the air longer than usual, and with the completely re-engineered Sprint inflation system, it’s a breeze to inflate and deflate.

Unlike the Apollo 1 space craft, this kite won’t give you troubles during launch, and unlike Apollo 13, it’s loaded with enough safety features for you to go pull Neptune’s beard and return without incident. The 2017 Cabrinha Apollo has more in common with Apollo 11, which will produce speeds and jumps so high that you feel you might just land on the moon, and, of course, landing safely on the water so you can take the next giant loop for kitesurfer-kind.

2017 Cabrinha Apollo Kite

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