The Red Bull King Of The Air 2017 has been given the green light for Tuesday 31st January. The first heats of the competition will likely be held in the late afternoon/evening in Big Bay Cape Town.

The wind is not looking very strong for today, but the forecast is not promising either, and the organizers probably want to get some heats out of the way before the real wind arrives of Thursday. Expect the organizers to try and finish all the heat of round 1 so that they can start on an even keel on Thursday 2nd of February.

Cabrinha is the official kite sponsor for the 2017 Red Bull King of The Air  and we are running two fantastic competitions where you could wind a Cabrinha Kiteboarding board. Come down to the Cabrinha shop in Big Bay to check out our awesome specials and enter the competitions, while you soak up the energy of the competition in the natural amphitheater of Big Bay.


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