Yesterday was windy. At the moment windy days in Cape Town leads to the chargers that call it home heading out to try and break the kitesurfing height world record.

Earlier in January it was broken twice by Joshua Emanuel, first at 26.8m and then at 27.5m in one week.

Not to be out done and not quite happy just to be the Red Bull King Of The Air Champion for 2017. Nick Jacobsen set out to put his name at the top of the height leader board and hold the mantle as the true King Of The Air.

Witsands Cape Town Nick Jacobsen Kitesurfing Record World Cabrinha

Nick headed out to Witsands on Sunday morning looking for that extra bit of wind in an already nuking forecast. Witsands is close to Cape Town and tends to pick up even more wind than blouberg and kite beach. It also catches a lot more swell. Basically the prefect destination to try and crack a new record.

Cabrinha Witsands Scarbourgh MAp Nick Jacobsen Break World Record Kitesurfing

It paid off as Nick blasted through the record to an astounding 28.6m.

We done Nick. You continue to impress and make us proud to call you one of our own. Both a Cabrinha team rider and a lover of Cape Town.

We are still waiting to confirm but Nick has been loving his Cabrinha Switchblade kite and Ace board as these are what he won the RBKOTA with. So we presume this is what he was riding at the time.

Nick Jacobsen Red Bull King Of The Air Kites


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