Cabrinha team rider Brandon Snider who recently submitted his video entry to the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge has been accepted as one of the competitors to take part in the event in Zandvoort in The Netherlands.

The competition’s holding period begins April 1st until November 1st. The competition will take place once the wind hit 30 knots in the right direction.

Other competitors include Lasse Walker, Kevin De Smidt, Jerrie Van De Kop & fellow South African Joshua Emanuel who previously held the world record for the highest jump on a kite.

Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge Riders

The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge is an off shoot of our own Red Bull King of the Air, which is held in Big Bay, South Africa. It was started by Ruben Lenten to showcase the fast hard style he loves which focuses on kitesurfing Megaloops.

Our own Nick Jacobsen holds both the new world record and the King of the Air title.

To watch Brandon’s video entry click on the video below.

If you are in Holland and trying to find the venue you can find it here:

Location: The Spot Beachclub

Boulevard Barnaart 23a

2041 JA Zandvoort

The Netherlands

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