Gus Cabrinha Employee Kite InstructorFrom Venezuela to Cape Town.

This month we want to introduce you one of our kite instructors, Gustavo Torres, he came all the way from Venezuela to be a part of the Cabrinha Family this season!

Q // Tell us, where you were before you joined the Cabrinha Family?

G // Directly before I came to Cape Town I was recovering from a knee surgery back home. If I look to the past,I was working as a corporate lawyer in Rodriguez Torres & Asociados, in 2013. I made a career switch, and did the IKO in el Yaque in Venezuala to become a Kite instructor.

Q // What does a day at Cabrinha look like for you?

G // My days are pretty good, I work in the shop as a kiteboarding instructor, so my job is to teach the sport in the most fun and safest way possible.

Q // What is your favourite part about working for Cabrinha?

G // My favourite thing about working for Cabrinha are the people that run Cabrinha, they are super generous with all the staff so on the days there is no wind I can surf and SUP as much as I want. On days with no wind the Vibe at Cabrinha is still amazing.

Q // If you could switch your job with anyone else within Cabrinha Cape Town, whose job would you want and why?

G // I would switch my job with Grant, the owner of the shop. He is running one of the best kite-schools here in Cape town, he never seems to be busy or stress about anything and is super chill.

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