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Repair Manager Jonty.

This month we want to introduce you one of our Repairs Manager, Jonty Turvey. He is a born and bred South African who can make anything happen.

Q // Tell us, where you were before you joined the Cabrinha Family?

J // I was at needles and pins tattoo studio in sea point, something totally different but it was fun as well but this branch is more my thing.

Q // What does a day at Cabrinha look like for you?

J // Always a rad vibe at Cabrinha. I manage equipment, kite repairs and sales here.

Q // What is your favourite part about working for Cabrinha?

J // Working by the beach and surfing every day because the ocean is my garden.

Q // If you could switch your job with anyone else within Cabrinha Cape Town, whose job would you want and why?

J // I would want switch with one of the kite instructors, so I can travel and teach kite surfing around the world.


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