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2017 Cabrinha Apollo

The New Cabrinha Apollo

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At Cabrinha, we have done a very good job over the years providing a kite for every category of kitesurfing: The Drifter was designed to destroy the waves; the Chaos for advanced freestyle and wakestyle; the FX for performance freestyle and wakestyle; the Contra for light winds; the Switchblade for…

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Cabrinha Fireball Thumbnail

Cabrinha Fireball 2017

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The Cabrinha Kiteboarding 2017 Range is here, and with it comes Cabrinha’s next generation kite connection system. Cabrinha is one of the true innovating brands in the sport of kitesurfing. We were one of the first companies to introduce bow kites tot he market and now w are proud to introduce Fireball….

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Cabrinha 2017 Kites and Baords Teaser Vid

Cabrinha 2017 Teaser

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The New Cabrinha 2017 Kites and Boards are almost here. There are just under two weeks left until we release all the new equipment. The new kites and boards are looking amazing, and there are a few surprises in the bag, which we cannot wait to show you. Can you…

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