Cabrinha is excited to announce that Tom Bridge will be joining the Cabrinha International Team.


Tom is just 17 years old and has already been on the international kitesurfing scene for sometime. Tom has enormous talent has shows a unique creativity when it comes to his kitesurfing style. He is experienced in freestyle, big air and foil kitesurfing.


“I’m really excited to have Tom onboard. His creative approach to kitesurfing and foil boarding is fresh and unique. His innovative mindset pairs well with Cabrinha’s constant pursuit of progression.” – Pete Cabrinha

Tom Bridge Cabrinha Kitesurfing


Tom Bridge Kitesurfing Trick

Oooo. I hope you are frothing for Cabrinha’s new 2019 gear as much as we are.

Check out the 2019 Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear teaser video that was released on the 8th of August 2018.

It looks like there are some great new colours, design tweaks, a new Foil ecosystem called “Hi:Rise” new surfboard shapes, new bindings and a new Moto kite.

Keep checking back with us for information about the full release.