So I went down to Jerrys Burger Bar to go get my entry form and my free burger! I have to admit I was a bit worried going into that competition, not ever having done big air competitively.

We got there on Saterday morning and the wind was fairly strong. There were 16 juniors competing and I was for sure one of the smallest! I won my first heat on my 7m Chaos jumping 11.4 meters. I went straight into the final, by which time the wind had picked up to screeching average of 32 knots. Luckily I had my 4.5m Drifter.

I was walking upwind to start my heat not even being to hang on to the kite. All I can say is we started the heat upwind of Kitebeach and all of us ended up at Pakalolo’s. My dad came to fetch me and brought me back up, we waited for prize giving and I ended up with a 10.1 meter jump.

That put me in 5th position out of 16 compeditors!

Thanks to Cabrinha, Mystic and SAKA for hosting a great event.

So this this season SAKA made their first stop of the tour in Cannon Rocks, 100km north of PE.

After bareley surviving the 10 ½ hour drive with my mental brother, we arrived at the beach to find perfect, flat and warm conditions and I knew it was going to be worth it!

Cedric and his team partnered up with SAKA to pull off a great first leg with some proper prize money and great spot prizes too $$ J  The improved performaced of the re-designed Chaos really boosted my freestyle and gave me much more confidence to go bigger and higher.

Knackered after two days of tight competition I ended up coming 3rd  for Junior Pro Freestyle and managed to take the win in Junior Pro Wave!

Thanks Don and Grant for kicking  my season off with a bang!! (your support makes all the difference)