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Hello everyone. My name is Cameron Ireland and I am 13 years old, I am a kitesurfer and I am sponsored by Cabrinha Kiteboarding and Mystic SA. This is my first blog that I am writing, so let’s see how it goes.

This month has been a crazy month with kiting and school. Our school orchestra went on a Talent Africa Competition and we got gold. So in July, we are off to New York to compete there. But the time that I have had left over I was right back in the water.

I have had a lot of fun with my friends this month. I have been helping my friend Garon with his kiting and he is doing really well. But on my side, I have been landing new tricks all the time. My trick of the month is Frontrolls. I have always wanted to do them but now I can. The trick I am very close to landing is a Flat 3. When I land them, I will be sure to write another blog about that.

This month has gone by so quickly, I am also starting to jump higher than ever before. It’s really a scary feeling but when you get used to it’s fine.  Also what I have been doing this month is practicing my directional riding. I am riding waves strapless and am able to land a surface 180° turn, but yeah it has been an awesome month for me. I hope my first blog was okay for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!

Cameron Ireland.

Cameron Ireland Cabrinha Kiteboarding