Cabrinha & Dirty Habits are pleased to present Cape Town Confidential. A movie by Anders Kruger and Cabrinha Kites at the Cabrinha South Africa end of season party.

When: 17th of March: TODAY!

Where: Desperados Bar (Eden On The Bay, Big Bay)

Drinks from 18:30

Movie from 7:30

To get a taste of the full length feature that will be premiered tonight check out the Switchblades & Fireball video Cabrinha recently released.

Switchblade/ Fireball

Head to to win your 2017 Switchblade + Fireball package.We sent our international team to Cape Town with a set of Switchblades & Fireball control systems. Our aim? To prove this is the most versatile setup on the market. #Fireball #Cabrinhakites

Posted by Cabrinha on Monday, 13 March 2017


Learn more about the event here: Cabrinha End Of Season Party 2017

The Cabrinha Kiteboarding 2017 Range is here, and with it comes Cabrinha’s next generation kite connection system. Cabrinha is one of the true innovating brands in the sport of kitesurfing. We were one of the first companies to introduce bow kites tot he market and now w are proud to introduce Fireball.

Although you may think your chicken loop connection point is a trivial piece of your kitesurfing equipment, it is actually one of the most pivotal.  This is where the power of the kite meets the power of the body.
The Cabrinha Fireball kite connection system is an instant upgrade for any kite, and allows the kitesurfer greater mobility, more control, enhanced security, and much more comfort. While it ensures more flexibility, it also reduces the upward pull on your harness, and there is absolutely no chance of it becoming unhooked by accident.


The secret lies in the friction-free ball-and-socket interface that brings the connection’s pivot point closer to the body and therefore reduces the rotational torque into your body by about 50%. The 360 degree rotational axis of the ball and socket, as well as the flexible tendon, allow the kite to move around naturally, no matter in what position your body is, unlike the traditional hook and loop system that is very binding, especially when the kite moves from side to side. The increased freedom of the ball and socket also means that one has greater control over the kite’s movements and its power, which translates to more slick moves and greater ease. Slashing, carving, and blind and toeside moves are a piece of cake and the spreader bar won’t bruise your ribs (or your ego) anymore.

Another very useful feature of the Fireball is its intelligent locking gate, which differs from the conventional loop or security pin system in that it can be locked and unlocked while flying through the air, and is much easier and less awkward to engage and disengage.


These upgrades in the kite-connecting system come from a perfect understanding of the physics involved in kitesurfing, as opposed to windsurfing, or any other sport using similar equipment. The Fireball was built by kitesurfers for kitesurfers, and any problems kitesurfers had with the old hook and loop system were solved with ingenious research and design, as well as a thorough knowledge of the sport. The system is also fully integrated, which means that the kitesurfer has control over every aspect of it and it also guarantees that the security will always function, unlike when you connect a loop system to a random spreader bar.

The Fireball spreader bar is compatible with basically all the harness brands and has lower strap connectors that tie down to keep the bar as secure as it can be. You have to have the Fireball spreader bar for the system to work, which means that you can’t simply swap kites on the beach. The system is also designed with specific riders in mind, and those who like to unhook and do freestyle will not enjoy the Fireball; however, chances are that Cabrinha will modify this equipment in the future to cater for those who like to ride unhooked.

The Fireball system is a marvellous piece of equipment. It will increase your performance, security, ergonomics, comfort, and offers non-binding freedom, easy security activation, a reconnection of 3 seconds, and it will never foul hook. This system will keep any kiteboarder hooked to the sport.

The Cabrinha Fireball system ushers in the next generation of kitesurfers, and if the old-school surfers stay out of the loop, they will watch as new kitesurfers fly past them in comfort and style.

Cabrinha-2017-Fireball-Anatomynha Kite