This past month has been pretty depressing. The Cape Doctor has not been offering the conditions we have been getting, due to the fact winter is coming and that the kite season has come to an end.

We haven’t been provided with much swell either this month, so catching decent waves has been a struggle as well. The next couple of months will all be about surfing and hopefully being able to fit in a couple kite sessions on the Northwester and the occasional South Easter. Nothing too exciting has happened this month, managed to have a couple kite sessions with light winds.

I had a super fun-full-day-ride at Blue Rock. I filmed some footage with my GoPro, and tried some new tricks. I also headed up the coast on a 5-day surf trip with some mates. We camped in Tietiesbaai. We surfed at Shelly Point; a right-hander point break that was a pretty fun session except all the kelp eventually becomes extremely annoying. When we weren’t surfing we were either diving or fishing, so it was, overall, an enthusing trip.

Sadly, I have injured my knee with, what appears to be, a slight tear in my MCL playing rugby. I have been out for two weeks now waiting to see whether it is going to get better otherwise I’m forced to get an MRI to see if there is any further damage. Best scenario is that I will need some rest to recover. Worst case, of course, is an op. I’ll keep you guys updated and any news concerning the injury. Talk soon!

My name is Ally.

The last couple of months have been epic, with great waves and wind. Many good sessions were on offer by our amazing city of Cape Town. The swell that we have gotten, with the added wind, has been super good for wave riding and some small freestyle mess-around-sessions in between.

I’ve been trying many different combinations of wave riding boards for all the different conditions; there are some decent boards worth adding to a person’s quiver including the C.O.T.A.N. It is a super fun board for some strapless jumps and wave riding. Some big swell came through earlier this month with two insane downwinders; one from sunset to big bay and the other being from Big Bay to Hakgat.

I also spent many sessions trying to land new moves and acting silly with my best mate Kimon Dos Santos. We were trying to ride on each other’s backs while flying both our kites. We ended up getting tangled in each other’s lines. Both of our kites looped non-stop and dragged us straight down the beach almost drowning both of us. Eventually, after about 30 kiteloops we reached terminus: the white sands of Big Bay.

Surf that really stood out was before school one day. We were the only ones out. We paddled out on our SUPs on a relatively sizey morning. After about 45 minutes, two dolphins joined me as I went over a wave. Of course at the time I had no idea that they were dolphins, so I got the fright of my life. I went into a huge panic and so did Kimon once he had seen them. The dolphins continued to circle us for about a minute and did not stop, as much as we wanted to think of it as an amazing experience we were both pretty terrified. We were a bit confused and asked a guy on the beach, who was watching us, what the dolphins were doing in all their antics. He said, “They were protecting you.” The dolphins must’ve obviously thought we were in some kind of danger. They circle you to protect you to get out of the situation. Kimon and I found this absolutely amazing that the dolphins may have protected us and that was by far the highlight to my month in the ocean

I would like to thank Cabrinha for giving me this opportunity of pursuing my passion. They give me endless motivation to do better and be better. These blogs will reflect my growth as a kiter, surfer and an overall person who loves the water, and who loves Cape Town. Stay tuned for more words, pictures and videos. These next few months are going to be amazing. Watch this space.