The Cape Town kitesurfing movie you have all been waiting for has finally been released and you can all enjoy all 22 minutes of it.

Check Cape Town Confidential out below, which features Cabrinha team riders exploring our beautiful Cape Town beaches and kitesurfing spots.

There has been a lot of hype around it on Instagram lately.

The film features team riders Liam Whaley, Red Bull King of the Air Nick Jacobson, Keahi de Aboitiz, Graham Howes & James Boulding.

Vinny Cabano is presently backpacking through Asia for three months after finishing his studies. He recently stopped off in Bali to enjoy a bit of kiting before heading to the Philipines for six weeks.



Remember to follow him on Instagram @vinny_cabano.

He will then be returning to Bali and we hope to see some more great shots from him.

Ruben Lenten was in Cape Town on his continued effort to recover from his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ruben is feeling strong and slowly building up his strength and fitness so he can get back on the water and continue to push the limits of kiteboarding.

Ruben has been training with professionals from various fields to get him back on the water and up to his old tricks. Previously he has been concentrating on riding the waves of South Africa with a strapped surfboard, but the other day he felt like he would like to have a go at what he is most famous for – High Flying Kiteloops.

Ruben popped into the shop to pick up on of our 2016 Cabrinha FX kites as the wave kites he brought with him were not suitable for the task.

Check out some of his pics from his evening out on the water.

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

Ruben Lenten Cabrinha Kiteboaring FX

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We hope you continue to grow stronger and stronger everyday and you are always welcome to pop into the shop for a chat or to borrow a kite.

So this this season SAKA made their first stop of the tour in Cannon Rocks, 100km north of PE.

After bareley surviving the 10 ½ hour drive with my mental brother, we arrived at the beach to find perfect, flat and warm conditions and I knew it was going to be worth it!

Cedric and his team partnered up with SAKA to pull off a great first leg with some proper prize money and great spot prizes too $$ J  The improved performaced of the re-designed Chaos really boosted my freestyle and gave me much more confidence to go bigger and higher.

Knackered after two days of tight competition I ended up coming 3rd  for Junior Pro Freestyle and managed to take the win in Junior Pro Wave!

Thanks Don and Grant for kicking  my season off with a bang!! (your support makes all the difference)





Hey my name is Luca Guerrini and this is my first blog entry for Cabrinha South Africa!

During Cape Town’s cold winter you don’t get the usual Cape Doctor pulling through, but there are those few days in winter where there is a nice little South Easter that pulls through and you can see that when the clouds start forming a tablecloth over Table Mountain.

It was about a 15-knot wind so I took out my 9m Chaos 2015 (the best kite for freestyle I would say). The board I used was a wood core X-Caliber 2014 which is also a super nice freestyle board with loads of pop and great upwind ability. The waves were about 3 ft. and it was about 15 degrees Celsius outside. I pulled off some super nice unhooked railey’s, unhooked bankrolls and S-bends. I nearly pulled off a railey to blind. I am now in Australia for a bit and there are some nice winds coming through so I am hoping to get in some sick sessions and represent CABRINHA!

Stay tuned for more updates, the content will get better and better and I’ll also add some pictures of the equipment that I’m using!


A great thing about kiteboarding is the amazing places you can travel to. On the road you get to learn in new conditions, meet great people, and experience different people all while seeing beautiful beaches and amazing waves and kiteboarding spots. Whenever you go traveling to a kiteboarding destination you know that there will be a community of people there who share that same passion as you do, and you will instantly have something to talk about and stories to tell.

But there are so many places to choose from and so much information on the internet about them. A great place to find out more and to do a little arm chair traveling is

Check out exciting places like Barbados, Martinique or a bit close to home El Gouna, Egypt.

Or if you just want to find out a bit more about kiteboarding in Cape Town click here.

Happy Traveling