Cabrinha Team Rider JJ Boschof has been smashing the videos lately. In his latest video release he is in Witsands in the Western Cape working on some of his flat water freestyle moves.

Witsands Kitesurfing Spot Cabrinha Kitesurfing

Witsands is one of the best places in South Africa for butter smooth flat water and strong wind. It is only about 3 hours drive from  Cape Town at the scenic Breede River.

Directions To Witsands

With season upon us, Brandon Snider, is warming up nicely with some Megaloops.

Armed with his 2017 10m FX and Xcaliber 135cm board, he reaches massive heights in Big Bay.
Follow Brandon Snider on Facebook and Instagram: @brandonsnider01.
Photographer: Steve Snider
Freestyle / Crossover

Rider Profile:

For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps & kite loops.

Design Profile:

3 Strut, Modified C shape arc, Box wing tip design, Lean entry profile

Features & Benefits:

  • Explosive pop and great hang time
  • Great line slack for unhooked riding
  • Forward pull for kiteloops
  • Excellent for vertical boosts
  • Highly responsive & direct steering
  • Smooth power delivery
  • More drive than a traditional C-shaped kite
  • Predictable handling
  • Quick recovery
  • Good upwind performance

Xcaliber 135cm board

Competition Freestyle

Rider Profile:

Our premium competition freestyle board designed for the high end competitor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extensive use of structural cabron
  • Stiff flex pattern for a rapid response and explosive pop
  • Amazing relex
  • Excellent upwind drive
  • Stable high speed landings
  • Includes 40mm fins, handle & mounting hardware

“Back Mobe is an unhooked back loop followed by a handle pass in the same direction as you travel. So in essence you´re doing a 720, two full rotations from the carve. The major problem people have when they try to perform this trick that they´re not sure if they are doing one spin, two and a half spins, one and a half spins or two spins, it can all become a bit confusing in the air.” – Kite Surfing Trick

Cabrinha team rider, Kyle Fletcher doing a Back Mobe in a secret location. Riding a 8m FX and his board is the CBL.

Photograph by Kyle Cabano

Instagram: @as_the_dodo_do

Rider Kyle Fletcher

Instagram: @kyleafletcher

Facebook: Kyle Fletcher


So this this season SAKA made their first stop of the tour in Cannon Rocks, 100km north of PE.

After bareley surviving the 10 ½ hour drive with my mental brother, we arrived at the beach to find perfect, flat and warm conditions and I knew it was going to be worth it!

Cedric and his team partnered up with SAKA to pull off a great first leg with some proper prize money and great spot prizes too $$ J  The improved performaced of the re-designed Chaos really boosted my freestyle and gave me much more confidence to go bigger and higher.

Knackered after two days of tight competition I ended up coming 3rd  for Junior Pro Freestyle and managed to take the win in Junior Pro Wave!

Thanks Don and Grant for kicking  my season off with a bang!! (your support makes all the difference)





Hey my name is Luca Guerrini and this is my first blog entry for Cabrinha South Africa!

During Cape Town’s cold winter you don’t get the usual Cape Doctor pulling through, but there are those few days in winter where there is a nice little South Easter that pulls through and you can see that when the clouds start forming a tablecloth over Table Mountain.

It was about a 15-knot wind so I took out my 9m Chaos 2015 (the best kite for freestyle I would say). The board I used was a wood core X-Caliber 2014 which is also a super nice freestyle board with loads of pop and great upwind ability. The waves were about 3 ft. and it was about 15 degrees Celsius outside. I pulled off some super nice unhooked railey’s, unhooked bankrolls and S-bends. I nearly pulled off a railey to blind. I am now in Australia for a bit and there are some nice winds coming through so I am hoping to get in some sick sessions and represent CABRINHA!

Stay tuned for more updates, the content will get better and better and I’ll also add some pictures of the equipment that I’m using!


Hello everyone. My name is Cameron Ireland and I am 13 years old, I am a kitesurfer and I am sponsored by Cabrinha Kiteboarding and Mystic SA. This is my first blog that I am writing, so let’s see how it goes.

This month has been a crazy month with kiting and school. Our school orchestra went on a Talent Africa Competition and we got gold. So in July, we are off to New York to compete there. But the time that I have had left over I was right back in the water.

I have had a lot of fun with my friends this month. I have been helping my friend Garon with his kiting and he is doing really well. But on my side, I have been landing new tricks all the time. My trick of the month is Frontrolls. I have always wanted to do them but now I can. The trick I am very close to landing is a Flat 3. When I land them, I will be sure to write another blog about that.

This month has gone by so quickly, I am also starting to jump higher than ever before. It’s really a scary feeling but when you get used to it’s fine.  Also what I have been doing this month is practicing my directional riding. I am riding waves strapless and am able to land a surface 180° turn, but yeah it has been an awesome month for me. I hope my first blog was okay for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!

Cameron Ireland.

Cameron Ireland Cabrinha Kiteboarding