The Best Kitesurfing Lessons in Cape Town & Langebaan

Welcome to the Cabrinha Kiteboarding School we operate in Big Bay, Cape Town as well as Langebaan.

Save R 594 With Our Full Beginner – Intermediate Kitesurfing Course

If you are serious about learning to kitesurf then our most popular kiteboarding package is for you. It includes 10 hours of kitesurfing lessons and we will try to run all your lessons over 3 to 4 days so that everything you learn is fresh when you start each new lesson. Learn More

Our Best Deal & The Course We Recommend!

 kitesurfing lessons Cape Town Langebaan

We strive to offer you an experience of a lifetime, whether it be professional instruction into one of our kiteboarding courses or great value and advice when buying a kite or any other kitesurfing gear.

We opperate in both Cape Town and Langebaan

Cape Town

We run our lessons from either Big Bay in Cape Town where our store is located, or….


….from Langebaan. Depending on the conditions we teach on either Main beach or Shark Bay. There is a shuttle that leaves from Big Bay each day at 9am.

Cape Town Kitesurfing Lessons

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Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. As one of the oldest kitesurfing centres in South Africa teaching for over 15 years, we have mastered the best techniques required to teach you how to kitesurf in a safe and friendly learning environment. All our instructors are fully certified instructors. We’ll take you to the best spots for kiteboarding lessons in Cape Town and Langebaan to learn in the most ideal conditions. We teach directly in front of our shop at Big Bay as well as in the Langebaan lagoon, which is internationally known as one of the best places for kitesurfing lessons.

We offer 2, 4 or 6-hour one-day courses as well as a three-day (10 hours) full beginner’s course that aims to get you up on the board as quickly as possible. We use radio helmets in our water lessons, which enables us to communicate with our students throughout the entire lesson.

We recommend a minimum 6-hour course, but every student learns at his/her own pace. We constantly evaluate every student’s ability and progression during lessons to determine how many hours of teaching you may still need.

Daily Courses and Lessons:

We charge R495/hour per student for all lessons – instructor and all equipment included. We teach a maximum of 2 students per instructor, ensuring personal attention and safety.

We offer the following lessons daily:

  • 2 hour group kitesurfing lessons,
  • 4 hour group kitesurfing lessons,
  • Langebaan board riding lesson,
  • premium private kitesurfing lessons,
  • three day beginner kiteboarding course that aims at getting you on the board.

All our lessons include:

  • Professional instructors
  • Small personalised group: 2 students per instructor
  • All equipment included
  • We offer courses from beginner to advanced
  • Radio Helmets

Courses and Kitesurfing Lessons We Offer Daily

Courses and Kitesurfing Lessons We Offer Daily

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10-hour Full Beginner/Intermediate Kiteboarding Course

Our best deal and the course we recommend!

(gets you on the board)

R5940 (10% Discount if paid upfront - R5346)

If you want to get into kitesurfing in the shortest possible time, this is the right course for you. We normally do the 10 hours over 3-4 days (weather dependent), as we get the best results where students complete their lessons in the shortest possible time.

Please Note: Should you purchase the new seasons equipment; the above fee will be waivered on completion of your 12 hour lesson.

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2 Hour Group Introduction Course

R990.00 per person

Learn all your kite flying skills on a small foil kite.

We offer a 2-hour Introduction Course for people who want to give kitesurfing a try and get a basic understanding of how kitesurfing works.

We will teach you all the following first steps:

  • Theory about weather, safety and wind conditions
  • How to get started, i.e. kite set-up, how to pump your kite, how to connect your lines
  • First kite flying, safety and control using a small foil kite
  • Safety systems and use thereof
  • Kite flying skills with a regular kite

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4 hours Group Beginner Kiteboarding Course

R 1980.00 per person

Recommended by Cabrinha as the best first lesson option!

The 4-hour beginners course is recommended for people who are serious about getting into the sport. All the basics are taught on the beach and once all kite control skills have been covered (3 or 4 hours) you will be ready to move on and get into the water for body-dragging lessons.

We will teach you the following:

  • All steps covered in the 2-hour Introduction Course
  • Kite launching & landing
  • Kite re-launching from the water/ground
  • Power stroke - how to generate power from your kite
  • Advanced kite flying skills/li>

This lesson will teach you all you need to know to move on to your body-drag lesson.

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2/3 hours Group Body-drag Kiteboarding Lesson

2h R990.00 – 3h R1485.00 per person

This Is Where The Real Fun Starts.

We recommend 2-3 hours for your body-drag session. This lesson is ideal for students that have already done kite control and advanced kite flying skills, as it’s important that you feel comfortable and familiar with the kite before moving into the water. Your instructor will explain and show you the necessary skills on the beach before you go into the water to control the kite independently. You will learn how to use your kite to generate maximum power and how to use that power to body-drag yourself away from shore and safely back to the beach. Instructors will always be in touch with you by using our radio helmets (safest way for a fast learning process). Once the body-drag lesson is done you will be ready for your first water start.

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4/6-hour Board Lesson at Langebaan

4h R1980.00 – 6h R2970.00 per person

All our board lessons are held in Langebaan in the famous Shark Bay lagoon. Shark Bay is paradise for learning to get up on the board, improving your riding skills or for advanced lessons. The lagoon offers perfect conditions with flat and shallow waters, which makes it the easiest and fastest place for you to learn. Lessons are in groups of 2 students per instructor.

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Private One-on-One Kitesurfing Lessons

R790.00 per hour

Recommended for those wanting to learn quickly or as a refresher course!

A private lesson is the best if you are keen to learn as quickly as possible. It’s perfect for those students that want to improve faster or for people who need a refresher to quickly get back to their previous level.

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