Cabrinha Board Riding Kitesurfing Lesson

2hr hour Group Board Riding Lesson

From: R990

2 or 3 hours Group Board Riding Lesson (R790 / R1185)

Once you have completed your body dragging kite skills, such as water relaunches, leaving and returning from shore, and mastering how to use the power of the kite to propel you through the water, you will be ready to try the board. Most board riding lessons take place in Langebaan as it is much easier to learn to stand up on the board there. However we do run the occasional board riding lessons in Cape Town for more advanced students.

Instructors will be always in touch with you by using our radio helmets (safest way for a fast learning process). Your board riding lesson is where you will get to experience the thrill of your first water start.

Want to know what the wind is doing on your lesson day?

Check out the Windguru forecast below and scroll down to the description below to find out how to read it.

Windguru forecasts have all the details you need to know about the wind as a budding kitesurfer. It is used by beginners, instructors and even professional kiteboarders to find out what the wind conditions are going to be like at their local spot. But understanding what all the colors, numbers and arrows mean can be confusing for a novice. Below is a key to help you understand what conditions are forecasted at Big Bay in Cape Town for the next 72 hours.

Windguru Key and Lesson Capabilities.
What you are looking for:
  • Wind Strength: Between 10 - 15 knots. Good for Beginner Lessons
  • Wind Strength: Between 15 - 30 knots. Good for Body Dragging and Board Riding Lessons
  • Wind Strength: Color Between Green and Red.
  • Wind Direction: ESE - S.
  • Wind Direction: Arrows pointing up between South toEast