2018 Cabrinha Chaos 1X With TrimLite Quick Release

Chaos 1X With TrimLite 2018


Chaos 1X TrimLite w/ QuickLoop

The Chaos Control bar is a 6 line system designed to work with our Chaos kite only. The lightweight pro model is 44cm and features a jumbo 26cm QuickLoop harness loop. This system utilizes our all new TrimLight cleat for smooth and precise trim, and boasts an aggressive bar grip to keep the bar firm in your hand. Extra length in the pro leash gives you more dimension when doing passes.


  • 44 cm Fixed Bar keeps your kite low for tricks.
  • Aggressive midsize bar grips keeps your bar where you want it.
  • Large (26cm) QuickLoop makes unhooking and hooking in a snap.
  • TrimLite cleat keeps the trim smooth and precise.
  • Pro leash with more dimension for doing passes and a neoprene cover keeps your skin from leash rash
  • Ergonomic bar ends float the entire bar
  • Abrasion and clutter free internalized lines
  • Interactive power control with depower on demand
  • Integrated line stopper
  • Two Piece Spinning handle
  • Push away quick release
  • Removable centralized security pin

SIZES: Fixed Length Bar

  • 44cm
Cabrinha 2017 Pro Leash

Pro Leash (122cm) Included

Cabrinha 2017 Aggressive Grip

Aggressive bar grip

Safety pin included but not installed

Cabrinha Chaos 2017

Arc Support Lines (in blue)

Cabrinha Chaos 1X Bar Range